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Sweet handmade ceramic dishes by Marnski Handmade on etsy 

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The Belair Instant Back Is Now Back In Stock

Finally, it’s back! After a sold-out launch we are excited to tell you that we have restocked the Belair Instant Back. Use it with a Belair X 6-12 Camera and shoot gorgeous instant snapshots!


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Self-portraits by Hyper-realist painter Eloy Morales

(Source: gaksdesigns)

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Hashtag Highlight: Sampling South Korea’s Bread Culture Through #빵스타그램 (“breadstagram”)

For more photos and videos of the wide variety of breads found in South Korea, browse the #빵스타그램 (“breadstagram”) hashtag.

In South Korea, bread has historically never been a prominent part of the daily diet. As European bakeries expand their businesses into Seoul, however, local’s love for the food has grown. Bread has even taken in root in the culture to the point of becoming a popular topic for local TV shows and magazines.

While classic croissants and baguettes populate the regular lineup, the most common types of breads from these bakeries contain sweet fillings such as red bean paste, sweet potato paste or whipped cream. Bakers sometimes also add sweet rice in the flour dough for chewiness, top the bread like pizzas or make animal shapes out of them to add an extra creative twist. Local Instagrammers have picked up on documenting this new wave of bread culture by adding the #빵스타그램 hashtag (bbangstagram or, translated, “breadstagram”) to their photos and videos of bread to share their personal favorites and reviews with the Instagram community.

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“Take The Stairs” – Beautifully decorated and painted Steps 

Rose steps in Tehran, Iran

Fish steps, Seoul, South Korea

Floral steps in Sicily, Italy

Stairs of Peace in Syria

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