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By Giles Turnbull

One of the other Apple announcements of recent days is the opening of a new kind of App Store for corporate customers, allowing them access to a simple system for buying apps in bulk and distributing them among employees and devices.

The Volume Purchase store was announced a couple of weeks ago, but finally went live yesterday alongside the launch of the Lion OS and various bits of new hardware.

So now, if you’re in charge of IT in any organization, you can sign up for a special Apple ID. It has to have a unique email address assigned to it, but you’re the IT guy, right? You can set one up.

Logged in with your ID, you’ll see a different view of the App Store. One that lets you find apps, then say exactly how many copies of each one you want to buy. There are no discounts for bulk: If an app costs $2.99, that’s what you’ll pay for each and every copy.

That’s good news for the developers, who rely on getting their cut from every sale. And it’s good news for Apple, who get a fair bit from their cut, too.

Another aspect to the business store is custom B2B apps designed for selling between businesses. Companies can now commission developers to make bespoke apps, then ask their partners to download via the Volume Purchase store. It’s still possible to make apps for in-house use without having to use the store, too.

If you wanted proof that Apple was making serious inroads into corporate computing, this is it. It’s been via iPhones, and particularly iPads, that business types have discovered Apple products they can fall in love with.

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The white MacBook, which sports a unibody polycarbonate (in other words, plastic) frame, was last updated in mid-2010. It currently sports a 13.3-inch LED-backlit glossy screen (1280 by 800 pixel resolution, just like the 13-inch MacBook Pro), 2GB of system memory (expandable to 8GB), a 2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo and Nvidia’s GeForce 320M graphics card with 256MB video memory.

What’s likely in the new white MacBook? Thunderbolt, of course. Probably a Sandy Bridge processor of some sort. Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro sports a 2.3 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, so it’s reasonable to suspect a dual-core equivalent, maybe clocked at 2.0 or 2.2 GHz. We’ll probably also see a shift to the slower Intel HD Graphics 3000 or AMD Radeon 6000M series video card—a real bummer for older Nvidia GeForce 320M MacBook owners (the latter’s the reason I skipped Apple’s last MacBook Pro refresh in February 2011).

And who knows, perhaps Apple will finally drop the price on this thing. $999 still seems like $100-$200 too much for what’s essentially a cheapo plastic version of the in-every-way-superior only $200 pricier 13-inch MacBook Pro.

If you’re instead looking for something like a Mac Mini, it looks like that’s happening, too, with three new models appearing “soon” and classified “best,” “better,” and “ultimate.” No word on what they’ll include, though faster latest-family processors are a given.

And don’t forget Apple’s ballyhooed MacBook Air update, still very much on track, though whether any of this stuff manifests at OS X Lion’s digital-exclusive launch (supposedly tomorrow) remains to be seen.

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gagawin ko to sa macBook ni te reyg.


gagawin ko to sa macBook ni te reyg.



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new study by The Journal of International Commerce and Economics sheds some light on this. It looks at the boost in jobs and profits to different countries resulting from the creation of Apple’s almighty iPod. Some of the results aren’t that surprising. The number of jobs created abroad, for instance — 27,250 — was more than half the number created in the United States — 13,920. There goes our manufacturing base, but we already knew that. A bit more surprising to some might be that China, at 12,270 jobs, didn’t get the lions’ share of jobs from the iPod’s creation. Countries like the Philippines and Korea prospered more. Both got more jobs in relation to their smaller population sizes than China.

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If you have a cellphone with a monthly limit on how much data you can use, here are some tips on what types of phone use will gobble up your precious megabytes.

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An amazing take by an anonymous user on Quora on why Apple products sometimes seem so superior. Because they are. Because they got them before anyone else.

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