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Di ka mainstream kung di mo to napanuod nung bata ka. Cyborg Kuro Chan!


Nice cover Natasha Bedingfield, This Love (Maroon 5) (by Ciubie)

Still Painting? No! A motion sensitive painting for some interactive fun!

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Apple launches iBooks 2 and Google launches youtube for schools. We’ll at least everyone will be smarter now, right? 

Google launches YouTube for Schools, offering schools access to 400,000 free educational YouTube videos, including content from organizations like Stanford, PBS and TED, while limiting access to other YouTube content. Schools can customize their YouTube for Schools experience, adding videos that are only viewable within their school network. An interesting take on curation in education.

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Fun animated short film depicting Juan Luna and Jose Rizal in VS mode. Props to people that recognize the context of the character abilities (i.e. Rizal’s Sisa Rage and Juan Luna’s Painting Shoryuken). (via)

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